12 Amazing Tapestry Weaving Books for Beginners!

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Let’s talk about Tapestry Weaving for beginners. I don’t know about you, but the last year was certainly a time for new hobbies. I’ve been harboring a house plant obsession the last few months and have officially run out of space for any new plant babies. 

In addition, I’ve been having this strong desire to learn a new craft every week. It’s so satisfying to create something with your own two hands. 

I briefly entertained the idea of sewing but I chickened out and decided to save sewing for when I could attend a sewing class. No, I needed something that wasn’t super technical or complex. Enter stage left: Tapestry Weaving. 


Online Tapestry Weaving Tutorials

I first came across Tapestry Weaving on WithWendy’s youtube channel. She has amazing sewing content but also tries out other DIY crafts and projects. 

I was instantly smitten. I loved the idea of bringing back such an old craft and making it more modern. 

As is my style, I then went down a youtube rabbit hole trying to find some other great resources. I also really enjoyed the tutorials on the Spruce and Linen youtube channel. They have super easy to follow along tapestry weaving tutorials for beginners. 

An Old Art-Form Revived

Tapestry weaving has been around for a very long time, and within Europe tapestry weaving was popular from the second half of the 14th century to the end of the 18th century. 

The art of making a tapestry was intense. It took an entire team of people to create beautiful works of art over many years. Weaving complex and highly detailed scenes and pictures took true artists. 

However, modern tapestry weaving tends to be more free-form and on a smaller scale. Thus only needing you to dedicate perhaps a long weekend to complete a weave. 

I love the idea of carrying on a traditional craft in a modern format that’s more accessible as a hobby. 

A Few Hacks

I have a few tips for you from what I’ve learned so far:

  • Make your own loom, OR buy a loom on Etsy. (< The loom that I purchased.)
  • Check out your local thrift store for cheap, affordable, yarn & crafting supplies
  • Start with larger chunky yarn to make progress faster 

Beginner Books

I, for one, love learning from books. In fact I learned to code HTML from a book and I’ve read some vintage macrame books from cover to cover. 

Below you’ll find a list of tapestry weaving books to get you started, along with a few bonus books. All of the books in this list include tapestry weaving for beginners. You’ll know your warp from your weft in no time!

Happy crafting 🙂 

Tapestry Weaving Books

Kristen Glasbrook

This best-selling tapestry weaving book is a classic. Kristen Glasbrook shows you step by step how to weave. 

The book also includes a gallery to get you inspired! This book will benefit beginners all the way to experienced weavers. 

Rebecca Mezoff

Rebecca Mezoff, a renowned teacher of conteporary tapestry weaving, aims to clear out our old pre-conceptions of dusty tapestries hanging on castle walls. 

She shares her techniques in an in-depth guide that takes you through every aspect of the process. From developing a color palette to weaving. 

Nancy Harvey

Nancy Harvey uses a clear step-by-step approach to lead you through building your own loom to basic techniques. 

This book includes beginning and intermediate samplers along with hundreds of highlighted tips for weavers of all levels. 

Joanne Soroka

This book covers novice and experienced weavers. Showing off a simple technique that requires little equipment. 

Beginners are gently lead through the whole process and detailed diagrams along with exciting work by contemporary weavers is included. 

Trisa Cheek

Weaving can be an accessible craft with the basic technique of over, under. This book makes it more accessible by removing barriers to commercial looms. 

It invites crafters and artists to try out techniques and projects that are achievable with a homemade loom or no loom! 

Henry Joseph

Tapestry dates back to thousands of years ago. This book guides you on the history of tapestry weaving and how you can get started in the art of tapestry weaving. 

It includes tools and materials needed for tapestry weaving, tapestry weaving techniques, how to create and transfer design in tapestry weaving, and lot more.

Further Reading: Bingeable Book Series

Laura Strutt

Lindsey Campbell

The weaver behind the popular blog Hello Hydrangea teaches multiple techniques within 17 stylish projects for beginners to intermediate weavers. 

These projects will inspire ongoing creativity, from simple tapestries to a necklace and yes, even a chandelier!

Maria Sigma

BONUS: Weave It! teaches kids one of the oldest worldwide craft traditions. 

Using natural and recycled materials, this book helps you share an old craft with the younger generation!

Omar S. Castañeda & Enrique O. Sanchez

BONUS: This touching children’s story of personal growth and family pride is illustrated with authentic Guatemalan scenery that gives life to the country’s radiant landscape and bustling city streets.

Marty Noble

BONUS: Who doesn’t love a good adult coloring book? Medieval tapestries were hand made works of extraordinary beauty. 

Thirty beautiful drawings can be colored in by fans of all ages. Captions identify each work, giving it’s title, year of completion, and origin. 

Meghan Nuttall Sayres, Taipeis Gael & Laurence Boland

BONUS: This is the story of a group of young weavers in the Gaeltacht, the Irish speaking section of Donegal, who with the help of village elders formed a tapestry weaving cooperative called Taipeis Gael.”

Go Forth and Weave

Welp, I hope this was helpful. I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

I’ll be sharing my creations on our Instagram @AlchemyBookshop if you want to follow along. 

Please tag us in your creations! I can’t wait to see what this community comes up with. 


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