20 Of The Cutest Advent Calendars For the 2020 Holidays

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2020 has been quite a year as all the 2020 nostalgia gear on the internet can attest to. It’s been mentally tough and incredibly challenging in so many ways. 

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It’s about time that we have some small pieces of joy to cling to as 2020 comes to a close and we approach the holiday season.

Psychology of Anticipation

One of the things that have always brought me joy has been the anticipation of a vacation and an international trip or weekend away. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go on any trips this year (which is okay! We are happy to do our part to stop the spread).

A few years ago I read an article about how the happiest part of our vacation isn’t actually the vacation! It’s the anticipation of a vacation. 

This got me thinking if I couldn’t boost my mood by planning for a vacation, what could I do?

A little research on the internet garnered some interesting results! The Journal Of Experimental Social Psychology tells me that future positive events increase positive emotion after social stressors. Anticipating a positive event is uniquely related to decreased negative emotion. Let’s be honest, 2020 has been one social stressor after another.

If looking forward to things is good for us, what better way to look forward to every day than a cute, creative, or weird advent calendar? 

Don't Procrastinate... Buy Your Advent Calendar Early

Now I have always been a last-minute Nelly. If I can procrastinate…. I will.

Very often I tend to zone out and realize it’s the holiday season the day before a large event and I scramble to make some magic out of thin air. Every time we go around the sun, I get better and better at planning ahead and trying to enjoy the moment.

This year… this year is my year. I can’t put all my obsessive googling and planning into a vacation so I’m gonna CRUSH this holiday season. 

On that note, below you’ll find some of my favorite advent calendars out there. Be sure to pick up or order early so that you are 100% prepared for December 1st! 

World Market

Okay, for real. This is the advent calendar that inspired this whole list. PRESERVES? EVERY DAY? The future is now. Get it while you still can!

World Market

While preserves might be more my jam 😉 I’ll take popcorn any day that it’s offered. If your a popcorn fan I suggest you pick up this advent calendar at world market.

World Market

Okay, spoiler alert, but below we’ve got some warm beverage advent calendars. Why not make it a pair. Have some biscotti with your tea?

World Market

For an adventurous friend or loved one you could consider this 12 days of hot sauce calendar. What a great way to add a little spice to the end of 2020. 

World Market

Okay, no list is complete without the time honored advent calendar choice of chocolate. This feels appropriately fun and fancy though shaped like a little cottage and filled with French chocolate. 

Calendars You Can Drink

World Market

For a more adult take on the holidays you could indulge in this wine advent calendar. Fun and boozy. 
**Only sold in stores

David's Tea

I’ve recently rekindled my love of tea and this advent calendar is sure to bring lots of holiday joy. Why not drink a tea a day while journaling in the mornings?

World Market

Another tea option for those tea lovers out there. English Tea Shop is a classic tea company and you can’t go wrong. 

David's Tea

For a fun spin on a hot beverage why not check out this Matcha calendar? I love matcha and was really torn between this and the regular tea advent.

Self Care Calendars

Created for Macy's

Okay, this advent calendar is super nice. it’s got a ton of products and is like a little surprise every day. For the beauty lover in your life, you can’t go wrong. 

Body Shop

Make It Real Together Collection

This body shop collection calendar is incredibly cute. They have three at different price points so you get a little bit of something for everyone.

Charlotte Tilbury

If you like Charlotte Tilbury, or even if you just like quality  makeup and beauty products this is the calendar for  you. Plus the packaging is fancy as heck. 


With some super cute products at an amazing price point this calendar is a win win. 


Lush 12 Days Of Christmas

I’m a huge Lush fan, and am definitely eyeing this box of goodies for the holidays. I’ve recently rekindled my love of baths so I think I have no excuses really. 

Make Your Own Calendar

World Market

I bought this advent calendar as a gift for my partner and plan on putting little goodies into every drawer to create a bespoke advent experience. 

Etsy Shop: ReturningGrace

This super cute cloth calendar on Etsy is customizable and reusable year after year. Add some Holiday ambiance while counting down. 

Etsy Shop: TheCraftingBoutiqe

Another great Etsy find that allows you to add your own surprises to delight your loved one (or yourself!)

Calendar For Your Brain

World Market

Okay, I’m a huge puzzle fan. I do some kind of puzzle every night before bed. I am super intrigued by this 12 days of brainteasers calendar. What a fun idea. 

Calendars for Good Vibes

Etsy Shop: IAmGretchenBoutique

I LOVE this idea! For all your friends who love crystals or want to love crystals. Why not carry them through their December with a crystal per day? 

Etsy Shop: EarthTricks

I saved the best for last. The owner of this Etsy shop is a genius! The idea of a witchy advent calendar tickles me pink, what a fun way to get in touch with nature as we count down to the Winter solstice!

Well, there it is! Twenty of my favorite advent calendars for the 2020 holiday season. Check out Alice’s Holiday Gift Guide For Book Lovers for some other great ideas!

Did I miss anything truly epic? What holiday advent calendars will you be buying for your family this year?



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