Quirky Stocking Stuffers For Your Better Half

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At a loss for what to stuff your SO’s stocking with?  We have a few ideas…

Here we are again, in that gleeful time where consumerism knows no bounds- and who even cares because it’s CHRISTMAS.  We might be slightly obsessed with Christmas here at Alchemy Bookshop, and have been planning our Christmas shopping and decorating since November 1st. #noshame

Something fun that Mr. Rochester and I do is plan out fun stockings for each other to open up on Christmas morning. Okay, I give- I basically pick out everything in my stocking and just tell him to press ‘order’. I don’t do well with surprises.

But I love coming up with silly things to put in his stocking (and my own!)

I’ve been searching Etsy high and low for those perfect add-ins that will make it over the top this year, because- it’s really been a year. You know.

All of these quirky stocking stuffers are all geared toward adults- but hopefully, you find this helpful. Put on holiday music, pour wine, and enjoy your shopping.

Quirky Stocking Stuffers

Quirky Stocking Stuffers For Your Better Half

Etsy Shop: CedarHillBotanicals

Showers are so much more practical than baths- but that doesn’t mean you can’t have 15 minutes of pretending it’s 2021. (Recommended in Lavender or Tranquility)

Etsy Shop: LunarLandings

While you’re at it, light a cheerful candle. Different sizes and seasonal scents are easy to choose for customization!

Etsy Shop: AnnamHandicraft

Is there anything more 2020 than face masks? Maybe wearing them will be easier when they’re this cute and embroidered!

Etsy Shop: GaffandGaff

Don’t give a flying… you know… about 2020 anymore? Let it sooooar.

Etsy Shop: TruthandArtDesigns

For the Angry Drivers out there. (cough, cough- Aliceeeeee…)

*Safety Note, do not give this to partners or friends that will abuse these. I’m pretty sure Mr. Rochester can’t handle this level of responsibility.

Etsy Shop: iheartpopcandles

Maybe you’ll be more inspired to write if you get to look at these pretty pencils all day?

Etsy Shop: LittleGoatPaperCo

Here’s where you can write all of your secret plans to burn the patriarchy (or your grocery list- do you!)

Etsy Shop: TheBookmarkNovelist

How cute are these fab fabric bookmarks? No more folding the page! (Looking at myself here…)

Etsy Shop: PoisonCookieShop

For book enthusiasts, Christmas cookies will pale in comparison to these. Great for socially distant cookie swaps! (Maybe not for kids, though.)

Etsy Shop: littlecuteesstudio

I’d be remiss to not include a Jane Eyre reference here. This shirt is so cute, and if you roll it up-  will fit nicely into the stocking! (Suggesting rolling around a tube of Toblerones for any partners out there.)

Etsy Shop: paulieshoppe

Mr. Rochester is a gamer dude- and a choco-holic. This is a super cute add (and a no-brainer) for anyone else who has a partner in to gaming.

Etsy Shop: EmpatheticElephant

Soap is essential for 2020, and is a perfect stocking stuffer to gently remind those you love to wash up! These are perfect for my Dungeons and Dragons loving husband- and it looks like it will fit perfectly in the toe of the stocking!

If you are looking for books (IMO, the PERFECT gift), try searching here:

Happy Christmas! Hope these ideas helped!


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