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We are three best friends who wanted to put a little magic back into the world for everyone. Books have been a major part of our lives and our friendship since Middle School.  For years, we have been ruminating on starting a bookish business to share the most important thing in our lives, the love of literature, with more than our friends and family.
The world is an unpredictable place anyway, why not do something a little wild and go into business together during a pandemic?
This website will share our love of books, curate reading lists, chronicle our journey, and eventually culminate in a physical bookstore we can nurture and grow. 
Books and plants on a tray

Why Create an Independent Bookshop?

We believe that Independent Bookshops add flavor and vibrance to a community.  We dream of creating space to talk about books and being able to offer selections that big retails may not focus on.  We want to create a community that is inclusive and supporting of all book lovers.  Where is this bookshop going to be?

Well, we aren’t telling yet  😀

Meet the Three Best Friends


Anne thrives on travel inspiration, food she swears she is going to cook, gardens she swears she’s going to grow, farm animals she wants to love, and adventures she wished she had had. She loves a good romance novel to remind her about that sparkly vulnerable feeling of love in the beginning stages.


Jane is living that #thriller life, and always trying to track down the next scary book that she can read late-night at the expense of her husband’s sleep- he did say for better or for worse! 

She also loves reading (and re-reading) the classics. Here she’s kissing the grave of Oscar Wilde (hoping for eloquence!)


Alice dreams of outdoor adventure to find her little bit of wonderland. Books have always been able to transport her to a different world from the mundane. Fantasy books are her jam; who wants to read about modern life?! She has books hidden in her hiking backpack, the camper van, car, office and even her bike rack.  She is slightly obsessed with her border collie pup.

How to Contact Us

Feel free to email (alchemybookshopATgmail.com), DM on instagram or message on Pinterest with any questions, comments or just to connect!

Disclosure: We work with affiliate marketing and we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  We only work with companies and products that we fully believe in their message and will always give our own opinion. 

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