My Favorite Fantasy Trilogies

13 Fantasy Trilogies: My Old and New Favorites

Trilogies are the perfect format for a fantasy story, at least in my humble opinion. Long drawn-out series tend to lose my interest after a couple of books such as the fantastic, but incredibly long, 14 book Wheel of Time Series. (Still haven’t made it past book 9 yet!) Not to mention, there are SO …

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How to read alot more books

How To Read ALOT More Books This Year

I have always been a voracious reader and usually read over 100 books a year.  During graduate school, I still read at least 100 new books during that 3 year period and that included studying for boards nonstop for 6 months.  Post graduate school, I still manage to read A LOT of books with: a …

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Affiliates of

Why We Are Proud Affiliates of

You may have noticed when looking at our book lists, there is a deficiency of links to certain online stores. There was even a time, before we had officially started this website, that we were affiliates of one of those online retailers.  However, as we continued to discuss the goals of Alchemy Bookshop, the more …

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The Eight Best Books With All The Bookshop Vibes

COVID has extended out our timeline for opening the bookshop, unfortunately.  Plans are still underway, but the physical shop is going to wait longer than originally anticipated.   I dream of the moment that I can run my hand down all the shelves in the shop, and organize the books in a way that makes sense …

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26 of the Most Exciting Upcoming Book Releases For 2021

Oh boy, am I excited about getting done with 2020.  I’m ready to hit 2021 with a fresh outlook and some fantastic new book releases. Even in my personal life, this as been a tough year outside of COVID-19, Politics, Racial Justice Protests, Murder Hornets (remember that gem??). One of the few bright spots has …

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The Best Fantasy Books Series With Kickass Female Leads

Sometimes you need a fantasy books series that inspires you to fix your problems… by kicking some boo-tay.  Nothing gets me out of a funk like reading about incredibly strong female characters that take charge of their own destiny by training hard and fighting hard.  Major Plus if they rise above the patriarchy and defeat …

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Your Holiday Gift Guide for Book Fanatics

It may feel like Fall just arrived, but we are within two months of the Holiday Season!  We are presenting our Holiday Gift Guide a little early this year and focusing on small Etsy shops.  With COVID causing increased demand with online shopping and the inevitable shipping delays, it will be prudent this year to …

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