Best Books Of The Month: April 2021

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I sit writing our “Best Books of April” surrounded by my lovely Alchemy Bookshop co-conspirators IN PERSON for the first time in over a year and a half. I have never appreciated more the ability to experience the simple pleasure of being able to hug and laugh with some of the people I love best in this world.

Thank you BEEJEZUZ for vaccines!

We booked a week in the Outer Banks in February with the hopes that we could spend a week relaxing, reading, writing, wining, and brainstorming about the future of Alchemy. A week in Avon, NC has been everything we dreamed it would be!

Perfect weather, gorgeous beaches, and a birthday celebration for Jane!

We quickly discovered what happens when you bring three bloggers on vacation… you get an EPIC TOWER of books to read!

Epic tower of april's books

Together we brought 25 physical books to the rental, and we are going to check out another bookstore today (this one is for sale!) so who knows how many books three desperate book bloggers will walk out with.

Luckily, we have declared AlchemyBookshop.Com a judgment-free zone and that extends to my TBR book pile.

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Alice put together a list of the 27 New Summer Book Releases that she is looking forward to reading on the beach.  Selfishly she put together releases from all her favorite genres including fantasy, historical fiction, romances, and more!

Check it out if you need a few exciting new releases to preorder. 

Anne is falling in love with Tapestry Weaving and she found a few crucial books to read if you have been curious about picking up this relaxing hobby.

Casey McQuiston

Anne has told me to read this book approximately 193823409 times since the pandemic started and it just never made it to the top of my TBR list. Literally as she was picking me up from the airport, this book was forced into my hands with pointed threats if I didn’t start reading. #truefriendship

RWRB is my childhood fairy tale of falling in love with a Prince with a queer twist and a fantastic enemies-to-lovers trope.

Alex, the First Son of the United States, is forced to spend time with his mortal enemy Prince Henry of England after a cake-tastrophe of epic proportions occurs at the Royal Wedding strains the relationship between the US and the UK.

Will they be able to fake a friendship and save their countries?! The banter between Alex and Henry is just perfect!

The newest Alpha and Omega book by Patricia Briggs is amazing! 

If you haven’t read this series, pick up the first Alpha and Omega book and fall in love with the relationship between Charles and Anna. One of my favorite urban fantasy series.

A cute and quirky food-themed murder mystery! Lila moved back home to work on her aunt’s Filipino restaurant after a terrible breakup. 

Her life changes from a romantic comedy to a murder mystery after her ex-boyfriend (the nasty neighborhood food critic) dies at her restaurant from suspected poisoning…. and she is the #1 suspect!

Reminds me of Finlay Donovan Is Killing It (another favorite book of the month!) with a Filipino and foodie twist.

Carola Lovering

A thriller with multiple timelines. Skye Starling (that name though!) suffers from intense OCD and anxiety and had given up on love- until she meets the older, seemingly wiser and understanding Burke.

The other timeline follows Heather, a young teen who cares for her younger brother by babysitting for a wealthy family. As she is exposed to the life that she wants to have, she pushes away her bad-boy boyfriend Burke.

Interspersed within these timelines, we have Burke’s letters to his therapist- and looks like he’s not who he says he is…

My Dad has been pushing me to read this for quite a while. We trade books back and forth and he has not found the joy that my mom and I found in the murder mystery/thriller genre.

To atone, I started reading The Expanse series- a favorite of his. He’s also a big fan of the HBO show, so I wanted to at least give it a read before I watched the series.

I guess if I had to describe this in a few words, I’d say The Expanse is a futuristic creature-feature, full of politics, science fiction details, and a murder mystery. So, almost all genres are represented here!

A satirical look at the ‘start-up’ culture that hits the topics of race and financial inequality. Darren gets pulled from his Starbucks barista job to become a salesperson at a tech company.

As he picks up the rules for sales, he begins sharing his knowledge with other people of color to help them have a hostile takeover of the sales world.

Sophie Gonzales

This Queer YA novel is pure perfection from start to finish. Sophie Gonzalez writes real, flawed characters that are frustrating but lovable.

Ollie has the most perfect summer fling with Will while spending time at the lake with their family. After summer is over a family emergency uproots Ollie and sees him attending the same school as Will, but Will is a completely different person at school… not to mention he’s not out.

Figuring out who you are is tough as a teenager and this book nails the experience. The cast of characters is fully fleshed out, and Ollie’s family life is rich and incredibly compelling. I loved this book and could not put it down. 10/10.

I picked up Well Met right after leaving my job and I needed a serious pick me up.

I’ve always wanted to but never been brave enough to attend a renaissance faire. This book takes place over a summer when Emily volunteers at a local Ren Faire as a chaperone for her niece.

She has a summer fling with the stuffy organizer of the Faire, Simone, whose Faire character sweeps her off her feet. But how much of it is real, and how much is make-believe?

I loved this book so much that I instantly texted Jane the link to a local renaissance faire, and long story short we are going in October!

I find that personal finance is an incredibly scary subject for so many people. Particularly women. We often are so intimidated that we never start building personal wealth via investing. 

Alice and I are obsessed with personal finance and financial freedom.  This book is the #1 book I recommend to friends wanting to get into personal finance.

While this book lacks a diverse viewpoint since it’s written by an older white dude, it’s still the best way to achieve financial independence. (I’m anxiously awaiting Berna’s finance book for a book that considers diverse financial perspectives, follow along with her at @heyberna).

If you are looking for additional resources, check out our Outstanding Personal Finance Books For Young Adults.

What was the best book you read in April?

Tell us below in the comments!

-Alice, Jane & Anne

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    2. That’s awesome that so many books traveled with you on vacation. I see some excellent choices there in the stack. I’ve read The Roommate and We Hunt the Flame and the others are still on my TBR. I hope to get to my indie bookstore next week.


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