Books To Inspire The Travel Bug

Y’all. I was so excited to put together this blog post. A while ago my husband and I were up in the mountains for an event and as we were driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway listening to a playlist with the top down, I had an epiphany. via GIPHY The Need to Travel I

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Best Books for June

Best Books Of The Month: June 2021

Whew, life sure does come at you fast! Doesn’t it? In April I quit my job, and in June, Alice put in her notice and just had her last day at work.  On top of that, I am now moving to… drumroll, please… WALES! Cardiff specifically. There are a lot of big things happening in

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Frightening Creature Features Cover Photo

Frightening Creature Features for Summer

That’s right y’all, Shark Week is back on in less than a month. But if you’re like me- you need some frightening creature features to get you through until then! via GIPHY Shark Week… and Creature Features Now I love watching episodes of Shark Week at night before bed- it’s like watching a slightly terrifying

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Best Books Of The Month: May 2021

It’s SUMMER!!! (Summer officially starts Memorial Day weekend, feel free to argue with me in the comments for all you people that are convinced it doesn’t start until June ) After a random frost that led to the great tomato massacre of 2021 (Darn you, Colorado weather!), I purchased new tomato starts from my favorite

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The Best Nicholas Sparks Books – For Non Believers

As some of you may have gathered, the three of us grew up in North Carolina. If you grew up in North Carolina, chances are you’ve had a beach trip at one point or another.  My grandparents lived in Atlantic Beach so I have many a fond childhood memories of long days spent posted up

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Best Beach Reads 2021

Best Beach Reads for 2021

It’s that time- time for the best beach reads for your upcoming vacations! Imagine this with me, dear readers. You finally make it to the beach (or pool, lake house, deck, or just in front of the AC if you have it), roll out your fluffy towel- the smell of sunscreen permeates the setting- and

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Best Books Of The Month: April 2021

I sit writing our “Best Books of April” surrounded by my lovely Alchemy Bookshop co-conspirators IN PERSON for the first time in over a year and a half. I have never appreciated more the ability to experience the simple pleasure of being able to hug and laugh with some of the people I love best

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12 Amazing Tapestry Weaving Books for Beginners!

Let’s talk about Tapestry Weaving for beginners. I don’t know about you, but the last year was certainly a time for new hobbies. I’ve been harboring a house plant obsession the last few months and have officially run out of space for any new plant babies.  In addition, I’ve been having this strong desire to

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