The Best Nicholas Sparks Books – For Non Believers

As some of you may have gathered, the three of us grew up in North Carolina. If you grew up in North Carolina, chances are you’ve had a beach trip at one point or another.  My grandparents lived in Atlantic Beach so I have many a fond childhood memories of long days spent posted up

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Best Beach Reads 2021

Best Beach Reads for 2021

It’s that time- time for the best beach reads for your upcoming vacations! Imagine this with me, dear readers. You finally make it to the beach (or pool, lake house, deck, or just in front of the AC if you have it), roll out your fluffy towel- the smell of sunscreen permeates the setting- and

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Best Books Of The Month: April 2021

I sit writing our “Best Books of April” surrounded by my lovely Alchemy Bookshop co-conspirators IN PERSON for the first time in over a year and a half. I have never appreciated more the ability to experience the simple pleasure of being able to hug and laugh with some of the people I love best

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12 Amazing Tapestry Weaving Books for Beginners!

Let’s talk about Tapestry Weaving for beginners. I don’t know about you, but the last year was certainly a time for new hobbies. I’ve been harboring a house plant obsession the last few months and have officially run out of space for any new plant babies.  In addition, I’ve been having this strong desire to

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Summer 2021 New Book Releases

27 New Book Releases for Summer 2021

Who is excited about summer?!?!? ME ME ME ME! I sit here writing, staring at the snow coming down and wishing it was summer already. I know that I choose to live in a climate that gets an insane amount of snow every year, but each February I start dreaming about the ability to walk

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Best Books for March 2021

Best Book I Read This Month: March 2021

It’s finally April, and it is gorgeous here in Colorado with 60-70 degree days all week!  I’ve been hanging as much as I can in the sunshine, soaking it up like a sponge. I noticed that the warmer and sunnier it is outside,  the better my overall mood.   Sunshine = Happiness It is a little

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Outstanding Personal Finance Books For Young Adults

Part of becoming a young adult is learning how to get your financial shit together.  There becomes a certain point in our twenties (or thirties) that it is no longer cute to ask your parents how to write a check or how to open a bank account. Unfortunately, it is exceedingly rare to be taught

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Best Book I Read This Month: February 2021

Well y’all, spring seems to finally be peeking its head around the corner! I can’t wait. I need spring so bad, gimme gimme gimme! I’m going to be honest with you, February was pretty rough. I felt underwater at work, I felt underwater with Alchemy, and I felt too guilty about being behind everywhere to

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