Five Star Books of 2021

21 Five Star Books of 2021: Best of the Best!

There is nothing like the end of a new year and beginning of another. A time to sit down and reflect on the culmination of another 365 days around the sun, and realize, a bit frantically, that we haven’t come close to completing our 2021 goals. Anyone else? Or just me? 🙂 And though I …

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Mid-Year Goal Review For Your Bookish Life And Beyond

It’s July, Y’all! How in the world is it already halfway through 2021?!  Time feels like it is speeding by as evidenced by my giant tomato plants- they are already growing past my six-foot-tall posts!  I’m already getting a few purple tomatoes ripening that I’m thrilled to try! Recently I read this fantastic blog by …

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Best Books Of The Month: May 2021

It’s SUMMER!!! (Summer officially starts Memorial Day weekend, feel free to argue with me in the comments for all you people that are convinced it doesn’t start until June ) After a random frost that led to the great tomato massacre of 2021 (Darn you, Colorado weather!), I purchased new tomato starts from my favorite …

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Best Books Of The Month: April 2021

I sit writing our “Best Books of April” surrounded by my lovely Alchemy Bookshop co-conspirators IN PERSON for the first time in over a year and a half. I have never appreciated more the ability to experience the simple pleasure of being able to hug and laugh with some of the people I love best …

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Summer 2021 New Book Releases

27 New Book Releases for Summer 2021

Who is excited about summer?!?!? ME ME ME ME! I sit here writing, staring at the snow coming down and wishing it was summer already. I know that I choose to live in a climate that gets an insane amount of snow every year, but each February I start dreaming about the ability to walk …

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Best Books for March 2021

Best Book I Read This Month: March 2021

It’s finally April, and it is gorgeous here in Colorado with 60-70 degree days all week!  I’ve been hanging as much as I can in the sunshine, soaking it up like a sponge. I noticed that the warmer and sunnier it is outside,  the better my overall mood.   Sunshine = Happiness It is a little …

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The Essential Guide of Sci-Fi Books For The New Reader

We are introducing a new series on the blog: The Genre Guide! One of our goals at Alchemy Bookshop is to help you expand your reading life into books and genres that you might have not been originally drawn to.  We have started with the essential Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) books as it seems to be …

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TBR List

What The F$!# is A TBR List and other Bookish Jargon

Welcome to the Bookish Community all you new bibliophiles! The kindest community on the internet, but full of terminology and jargon that makes a person feel slightly intimidated when first introduced to this online love letter to all things bookish.  Or was that just me? Today, I’d like to *virtually* sit down and discuss some …

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My Favorite Fantasy Trilogies

13 Fantasy Trilogies: My Old and New Favorites

Trilogies are the perfect format for a fantasy story, at least in my humble opinion. Long drawn-out series tend to lose my interest after a couple of books such as the fantastic, but incredibly long, 14 book Wheel of Time Series. (Still haven’t made it past book 9 yet!) Not to mention, there are SO …

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