My Favorite Fantasy Trilogies

13 Fantasy Trilogies: My Old and New Favorites

Trilogies are the perfect format for a fantasy story, at least in my humble opinion. Long drawn-out series tend to lose my interest after a couple of books such as the fantastic, but incredibly long, 14 book Wheel of Time Series. (Still haven’t made it past book 9 yet!) Not to mention, there are SO …

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10 Books Like The Starless Sea You’ll Love

Have you ever finished a book and just… stopped and sighed in contentment?  A dreamy far off look in your eye as you try desperately to stay in that world for just a little longer? For me, that book was The Starless Sea. If you are here, there’s a good chance that you loved it …

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The Best Fantasy Books Series With Kickass Female Leads

Sometimes you need a fantasy books series that inspires you to fix your problems… by kicking some boo-tay.  Nothing gets me out of a funk like reading about incredibly strong female characters that take charge of their own destiny by training hard and fighting hard.  Major Plus if they rise above the patriarchy and defeat …

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