Best Beach Reads 2021

Best Beach Reads for 2021

It’s that time- time for the best beach reads for your upcoming vacations! Imagine this with me, dear readers. You finally make it to the beach (or pool, lake house, deck, or just in front of the AC if you have it), roll out your fluffy towel- the smell of sunscreen permeates the setting- and …

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Summer 2021 New Book Releases

27 New Book Releases for Summer 2021

Who is excited about summer?!?!? ME ME ME ME! I sit here writing, staring at the snow coming down and wishing it was summer already. I know that I choose to live in a climate that gets an insane amount of snow every year, but each February I start dreaming about the ability to walk …

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30 Queer New Releases Coming Out In 2021

Why I’m Here For Queer Books In 2021 Today on the blog we are talking 2021 queer books. A few years ago I read an anthology “Meet Cute” that had a bunch of romantic short stories in it. The book as a whole felt pretty lackluster but there were a few stories that were hidden …

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