Best Beach Reads 2021

Best Beach Reads for 2021

It’s that time- time for the best beach reads for your upcoming vacations! Imagine this with me, dear readers. You finally make it to the beach (or pool, lake house, deck, or just in front of the AC if you have it), roll out your fluffy towel- the smell of sunscreen permeates the setting- and …

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True Crime and Serial Killers- Why Are We Obsessed?

As much as I like to pretend I’m a special butterfly and no one ‘gets’ me, it’s pretty clear that I am just like thousands (millions?) of other millennial women who are obsessed with True Crime.  Why Are We So Fascinated With True Crime? This article by the BBC mentions toward the end that true crime …

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Five Creepy Books to Beat the Sunday Scaries

Can I tell you all a secret? What scares me most out of anything is… Sunday night. Here I am, having a lovely weekend (minding my own business) and Sunday night rudely barges in without being invited. Nothing seems quite so hopeless as the transition from happy weekend activities to thinking about what Monday brings- …

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