Five Creepy Books to Beat the Sunday Scaries

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Can I tell you all a secret?

What scares me most out of anything is… Sunday night. Here I am, having a lovely weekend (minding my own business) and Sunday night rudely barges in without being invited.

Nothing seems quite so hopeless as the transition from happy weekend activities to thinking about what Monday brings- work.


My work-around-work solution? Let me tell you, nothing beats the Sunday scaries better than creepy books.

Ready to have a sleepless Sunday night that isn’t related to work-stress? Try these out for a reminder that your boss isn’t that bad.

Five Creepy Books

Five Crazy Creepy Books

Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic

Silvia Morena-Garcia

I can’t tell you how CREEPY this book is. I had to shut it so many times during the read because I was that freaked out! Noemí is an amazing protagonist, and you find yourself enthralled by her struggle to save her cousin from a family who lives in a isolated and rotting house.

The Chestnut Man

Søren Sveistrup

What can be scarier than a serial killer who leaves little handmade dolls made out of chestnuts at the crime scene? I held my breath multiple times while reading this- and I will warn you, there is gore.

Salem's Lot

Stephen King

Is it even a scary book list without the King on it? This is one of my favorites- it starts with a creepy house and a slow spread of vampirism. Buckle up, because no one is safe. I won’t tell if you leave the lights on at night after reading.

The Turn of the Key

Ruth Ware

Okay, I only recently became a fan of Ruth Ware- but man, was I missing out. It’s like she wrote this book for me- a desolate house in Scotland that may or may not be haunted, and a narrator who you may or may not like. Either way, you won’t be thinking about Excel or watching your Slack alerts.

The Shadows

Alex North

Lucid dreaming, the occult, and a possible serial killer? I dare you to even try to stress about your upcoming Zoom meetings- there’s no way you’ll be able to think about anything but Paul and his struggle to untangle events from his past…

And there you have it! I hope this helps you keep your work-related anxiety at bay- at least until Monday morning.

Good luck sleeping


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