A Halloween Reading Guide to The Best Scary Stories

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Guys, we made it.

We have reached the best part of the year- that season where leaves change to be tipped with gold, red, and orange. Where the wind gets a little chillier and the night gets darker sooner. Where we can sit by the fire and justify putting pumpkin spice into our coffee, our cookies, etc.

For those of you who don’t know, North Carolina typically has multiple ‘fake’ autumns where the temperature drops for 2-5 days, we get out our sweaters, and then it’s back up in the 80s shortly after. But that’s okay- it’s still a magical time to me.

One of my favorite Halloween traditions for myself is to read scary stories by the fireplace. Now of course you know that I read horror books year-round, but what better way to kick off this October than with these SCARY STORIES in particular (sorted by topic):




Serial / Killers:

Annnnnd, Bonus!
North Carolina Ghost Stories:

Now the process I recommend for reading these is to
1) Have a cozy blanket (or be next to a fire for extra credit!)
2) Have a hot drink (Hot Chocolate is my go-to.)
3) Make sure it’s dark outside!


Not required, but recommended:
1) Have a warm snuggly pet of some kind near or on you. (I’m team cat, but I do have a puppy too!)

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have!
Happy Halloween!


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