Your Holiday Gift Guide for Book Fanatics

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It may feel like Fall just arrived, but we are within two months of the Holiday Season!  We are presenting our Holiday Gift Guide a little early this year and focusing on small Etsy shops. 

With COVID causing increased demand with online shopping and the inevitable shipping delays, it will be prudent this year to shop early.  Check out our previous post, How to Support Independent Bookstores, to learn more.


Buy Early, Why? I American Booksellers Association

Now my favorite automatic gift is a book, of course, particularly true crime thrillers from this list.  But sometimes, your loved one’s To Be Read Pile is miles long! 

These carefully selected (and by that I mean, someone please buy these items for me!) book themed gifts from Etsy are sure to delight the literary lover in your life.

I also encourage you, if you can safely shop at an independent bookstore, to check out their selection of gifts.  Many bookstores have puzzles, book themed gifts, and cards that are sure to delight every one on your list.

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If you would like to buy any books online, search for books below to support us and other Independent BookShops.

Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Bookish Gift Set
Etsy Shop: AuthoredAdorements

An evening night in with a surprise book in the genre and beverage of your choice.  Several other goodies included. Give a delightful evening in with a book!

Sweatshirt: Weekends, Coffee & my books
Etsy Shop: LifeandLemonsCompany

Who doesn’t want a soft, cute sweatshirt to cuddle in?  The perfect gift for the book loving introvert in your life.

Etsy Shop: MurphyClothingCoShop

When your loved one finally decides to leave their cozy book nook, let them do it in style and to let everyone else know how much they actually wanted to be at that holiday party:D

Dirty Book Box
Etsy Shop: CampfireGiftsandCo

This box for literary lovers can be personalized with anything on the mug and candle, but I LOVE the suggested phrases.  “F*CK off, I’m Reading” & “Smells like a good climax” Love it!

Mountain Book Ends
Etsy Shop: TheBloomingWillow

Please someone, I beg that you buy me this for Christmas! Can you image how cute this would be on my… I mean… your bookshelf?!

Etsy Shop: StarboardHome

Are you or your loved one having problems never getting your borrowed books back?  Well this might not necessarily help, but it will give you the moral high ground when you find your book in their house 5 years from now.  

Etsy Shop: StagandPeachCo

The perfect companion to the perfect book is the perfect mug.  Too much pressure on picking out THAT mug to gift? Every literary lover will commiserate with the “book hangover” that comes after the perfect book. 

Soy Candle Books
Etsy Shop: VintageCreated

This candle is the perfect complement to  your E-Book obsessed family or friend that misses the smell of a physical book.  Smells exactly like an old library stack with books– and not a musty one!

Floating Bookshelves
Etsy Shop: Galleksa

If your loved ones are anything like me, they have books strewn all over the house.  Organize those books in a classy manner using the these unique bookshelves and consider your books as wall art as well!

Leather Bookmark
Etsy Shop: Forest Nine

Personalized leather bookmark with an adorable mountain scene.  It’s so classy its going to hard to actually hide the bookmark in your book!

Etsy Shop: MinnieAndMaude

Help to create the perfect Book Nook for your loved one by gifting this adorable pillow.  There are several options of bookish quotes to pick from.

Bookish rainbow sticker
Etsy Shop: BookWormStickerCo

Decorate your books, water bottles, computers with these lovely stickers created by kats.stacks.  Follow her on instagram @kats.stacks

Retro Book Stickers
Etsy Shop: LaurenNaylorDesignCo

Another instagram creating beautiful bookish stickers.  You will have to buy them all!  Follow her on instagram @thebookscript

Silver Spoon Bookmark
Etsy Shop: SilverLiningStamping

Lovely silver spoon bookmarks stamped with “She Believed She Could So She Did.”  Every female reader on your list will love!

Starless Sea Wineglass
Etsy Shop: EnchantedFandom

This etsy shop has the cutest wine glasses, T-Shirts, and more from your favorite books.  This beautiful wine glass based on the “Starless Sea” by Erin Morgenstern, in particular, is the perfect way to keep your love of this beautifully lyrical book alive.  You can even gift the book with the wine glass! Follow on instagram @enchanted_fandoms

Jane Austen Cookie Cutter
Etsy Shop: BoeTechLLC

This year, I have dreams of making Christmas cookies with my new beautiful Jane Austen Cookie Cutter! Can you imagine it? Curl up next to the fire with Jane Eyre and your stack of Jane Austen Cookies?!

Jane Austen Book Coasters
Etsy Shop: NeuronsNotIncluded

Buy these coasters for the bibliophile in your life that needs a classy way to protect that vintage coffee table.

Mr Darcy Proposal Sticker
Etsy Shop: QuillAndBean

One of my favorite love quotes in all of literature, and now you can gift this to your loved ones in sticker form.  Think how adorable this would be on their laptop?!

If you need more gift suggestions (but not bookish one) check out these gifts under $30!

Have Fun Shopping!


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