Quarantine Gardening Cover

Jane’s Love: Quarantine Gardening

Just Checking In… Hello Beautiful People, and welcome to Quarantine Gardening!  It feels like the closer we get to normalization, the farther it seems. I am so excited that I’ve gotten my first vaccine dose (and most of my family has as well!) None of us have really shown any side effects, although my arm

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Community Care Via The Bakery

Hello Beautiful People! I am so excited and glad to be speaking to you again about my community care experiment. This project has really brought a lot of focus and joy to me in the last month, along with feelings of accomplishment.  As this global pandemic drags on I’m clinging to these good vibes for

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TBR List

What The F$!# is A TBR List and other Bookish Jargon

Welcome to the Bookish Community all you new bibliophiles! The kindest community on the internet, but full of terminology and jargon that makes a person feel slightly intimidated when first introduced to this online love letter to all things bookish.  Or was that just me? Today, I’d like to *virtually* sit down and discuss some

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Practicing Community Care: Curating Better Habits

New Habits For A New Year Hello everyone!  My adorable foster Willow (in the basket) and I are here to talk about an experiment that I’m going to be undertaking this year that is near and dear to my heart. This year I’m going to hold myself accountable to practicing community care by curating better

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How to read alot more books

How To Read ALOT More Books This Year

I have always been a voracious reader and usually read over 100 books a year.  During graduate school, I still read at least 100 new books during that 3 year period and that included studying for boards nonstop for 6 months.  Post graduate school, I still manage to read A LOT of books with: a

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Quirky Stocking Stuffers

Quirky Stocking Stuffers For Your Better Half

At a loss for what to stuff your SO’s stocking with?  We have a few ideas… Here we are again, in that gleeful time where consumerism knows no bounds- and who even cares because it’s CHRISTMAS.  We might be slightly obsessed with Christmas here at Alchemy Bookshop, and have been planning our Christmas shopping and

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20 Cute Advent Calendars

20 Of The Cutest Advent Calendars For the 2020 Holidays

2020 has been quite a year as all the 2020 nostalgia gear on the internet can attest to. It’s been mentally tough and incredibly challenging in so many ways.  #Is2020OverYet Etsy Shop: ButterflyMugDesign Etsy Shop: UtopiadesignUS Etsy Shop: MoonlightMakers Etsy Shop: stampoutonline It’s about time that we have some small pieces of joy to cling

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