Quirky Stocking Stuffers

Quirky Stocking Stuffers For Your Better Half

At a loss for what to stuff your SO’s stocking with?  We have a few ideas… Here we are again, in that gleeful time where consumerism knows no bounds- and who even cares because it’s CHRISTMAS.  We might be slightly obsessed with Christmas here at Alchemy Bookshop, and have been planning our Christmas shopping and

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20 Cute Advent Calendars

20 Of The Cutest Advent Calendars For the 2020 Holidays

2020 has been quite a year as all the 2020 nostalgia gear on the internet can attest to. It’s been mentally tough and incredibly challenging in so many ways.  #Is2020OverYet Etsy Shop: ButterflyMugDesign Etsy Shop: UtopiadesignUS Etsy Shop: MoonlightMakers Etsy Shop: stampoutonline It’s about time that we have some small pieces of joy to cling

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Your Holiday Gift Guide for Book Fanatics

It may feel like Fall just arrived, but we are within two months of the Holiday Season!  We are presenting our Holiday Gift Guide a little early this year and focusing on small Etsy shops.  With COVID causing increased demand with online shopping and the inevitable shipping delays, it will be prudent this year to

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Why A Book Snob Finally Purchased A Kindle E-Reader

I have always been a little bit of a book snob.   If you could have told me 5 years ago that I would purchase a Kindle E-Reader, I would have laughed. The texture and smell of a new book brings happiness to my senses that you can’t recreate with an E-Book. I was obsessed with

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The Romance Novel That Led to My Sexual Awakening

Alright dear readers. Listen up. Gather ’round for story time. I’d like to tell you all about the time that I had my sexual awakening via romance novel. There will be laughter, there will be joy, there will be confusion. It should be fun. Let’s set the stage for you. I’m between the ages of

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