Reading Tracker

Click here to open the Reading Tracker in Google Sheets.

Note: you must be logged in to your google account to create a copy of the sheet.

Once you have clicked on the link, you will have opened the “view only” version of the reading tracker.  Click on “file” and then “make a copy”.  VOILA!! You have your own copy that you can edit your little heart out.

Make a Copy of the Reading Tracker

Make sure to download the google sheets app for Apple or Android, and then you can access your Reading Tracker wherever you go! I find mine quite handy at the bookshop:D

We created this reading tracker to be simple and user friendly.  Currently, there are two different TBR trackers available, either organized by genre (2021-TBR list by genre) OR a giant list of books (2021-.Total TBR list). Note: they are TWO separate trackers that do not communicate with each other. 

Both lists automatically organize your books to the right of your TBR list into:

  • “TAUNTING YOU FROM THE SHELF!”- purchased but unread
  • “GET TO THE BOOKSHOP!”- still to be purchased and read.

We would love to hear your feedback on how to improve it!

Get Reading!

-Jane, Alice, & Anne

Reading Tracker
Mobile Screenshot of The Tracker