The Top Five Childhood Books that I Re-Read Every Year

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I am a re-reader. Books that I love and treasure, I will reread them at least every year. Several books I have had to purchase new copies of because I DESTROYED the books by throwing them in my purse, backpack or car. 

I like to consider a well loved book a little like this:

Most of these books I have been reading since the middle school era so they probably fit into the Young Adult category. 


Some of the best books I have ever read technically fit into the Young Adult section of the bookstore.  And while I generally look over both shoulders before I sneak into this area of the bookstore, I have no shame at all recommending these books to you.


The Tattered Cover Collection

Alanna the First Adventure

Tamora Pierce​

Girl switches places with her twin brother and pretends to be a boy to get her chance to train as a knight.  Throw some magic in and the start of a love triangle.  Worth reading the whole four book set. Badass


Brandon Sanderson

Incredible world building by Brandon Sanderson with a unique magic system.  Another girl training to use her powers and become a hero; doesn’t have to pretend to be a boy.  Read the whole trilogy while you are at it.


Brian Jacques

Collection of woodland creatures battle their carnivore overlords for their freedom.  This time a mouse trains and becomes a hero.  The prequel to a very popular and long series.  


Garth Nix

The start of the Old Kingdom Series by Garth Nix.  One of my first exposures into fantasy. A girl (who also has sword) leaves her boarding school to find her father who is lost in the Old Kingdom. 

Death, Magic, Necromancers, a Fairy Tale kiss to wake the Hot Guy… What more do you want? 

The Blue Sword

Robin McKinley

First fantasy book I read after coming out of my only “Little House in the Prairie” phase in middle school.  Another girl becoming a warrior but it is SO SO SO much more.  Technically a prequel to “Hero and the Crown” but you can take or leave that book.  Just read “The Blue Sword”

My husband and I have been having the same argument for the past 12 years we have been together.  I consider rereading my favorite books being a kin to reconnecting with my besties.  He sees rereading as pointless as you already know the ending so it’s just a waste of time. 

So what are your most well loved books?  What books have you had to rebuy after you destroyed them with too much love?


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