26 of the Most Exciting Upcoming Book Releases For 2021

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Oh boy, am I excited about getting done with 2020.  I’m ready to hit 2021 with a fresh outlook and some fantastic new book releases.

Even in my personal life, this as been a tough year outside of COVID-19, Politics, Racial Justice Protests, Murder Hornets (remember that gem??).

One of the few bright spots has been finally putting our independent bookshop dreams into action and starting AlchemyBookshop, LLC with two of my closest friends. I am looking forward to all the possibilities that starting a new year will bring including… maybe… international travel?!?

Not getting my hopes up too high yet.

Here’s my new favorite joke for you to lighten the mood a little:

Why was 2019 afraid of 2020?

Because they got into a fight and 2021.

2021 is bringing a crop of exciting upcoming book releases, and my preorder list has already gotten prettttty long. There are new debut books, sequels from my favorite authors, new historical fiction, and multiple LGBTQ romances that I am trembling with anticipation to read!

26 Upcoming Book Releases for 2021

Genre Menu:

Historical Fiction

Kate Quinn (March 2021)

After reading “The Alice Network” and “The Huntress“, I am officially in love with Kate Quinn’s writing.

The Rose Code is about three female code breakers in WWII who must come back together after the war when a mysterious encrypted letter appears that is the key to their broken friendship.

Kristin Hannah (Feb 2021)

Kristin Hannah is another author that I was just introduced to this year through “The Great Alone” and “The Nightingale“.

Her newest book is set during the midwest in the Great Depression when the Dust Bowl has set into Texas. In this heartbreaking novel, Elsa has to make a choice to stay and fight for her land or move west to California for better opportunities.

Erika Robuck (Feb 2021)

The Invisible woman is based on the true story of Virginia Hall who was recruited as an Allied spy against the Nazis in WWII. A gripping read!


Isabel Allende ( March 2021)

As multiple reviewers have compared this book to Michelle Obama’s Becoming, I am beyond excited to get my hands on this book. 

She is an award-winning novelist, and “The Soul of a Woman” is the chronicle of her life’s journey starting in Chile as she navigates her coming of age in the 1960’s on the second wave of feminism. “When I say that I was a feminist in kindergarten, I am not exaggerating.” A passionate ode to feminism

Contemporary Fiction

Sarah Penner (March 2021)

A debut book recommended by Kate Quinn?!

In the 18th century, there is a secret apothecary that caters to women who need to get rid of the oppressive men in their lives, but one of the newest patrons makes a fatal mistake. In modern times, Carolina discovers a clue to the 200-year-old apothecary murders and begins to uncover a dangerous mystery.

Liese O'Halloran Schwarz (Jan 2021)

In 1972, a child goes missing in Bangkok. Now in Washington DC in 2009, the boy’s sister is contacted by a man that claims to be her long lost brother. Her older sister, Bea, is convinced it is a scam, but Laura has to fly to Bangkok to find out.

Julie Carrick Dalton (Jan 2021)

Cadie is a forestry researcher that comes back home urgently after she receives a message from her estranged childhood best friend. Friendships, environmental messages, and mysteries, I’m in!

Dark Comedy

Elle Cosimano (Feb 2021)

A dark comedy of a struggling author and single mom who is mistaken as a Hit Woman and offered 50,000 to kill someone.  She isn’t going to do it, right?!  Looks absolutely hysterical! 

26 Upcoming New Releases

Classic Retellings

Tirzah Price (March 2021)

A Jane Austen Murder Mystery and it is going to be a series?!?! Lizzie is a 17-year-old who overhears of a scandalous murder and desires to be the first to solve the case and prove herself. It’s Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes mixed together.

Rachel Hawkins (Jan 2021)

A southern retelling of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre… The preorder button clicked! Jane is a dog walker who meets the recently widowed Eddie Rochester. She doesn’t know what he sees in her when his recent wife was a beautiful, successful business owner and she is just a “Plain Jane”. But secrets will be uncovered…

Thriller/ True Crime

Peter Swanson (March 2021)

Abigail has a drunken one night stand before her wedding, but puts it out of her mind and marries her dream husband, Bruce. But this man keeps reappearing after the wedding and insisting they are destined to be together. And he will keep tracking her down…

Darby Kane (Dec 29th 2020)

Okay okay, technically this book comes out Dec 29th 2020 but we are so close! 

This book sounds too twisty and enthralling to not put on this list! Three students and Lila’s husband have disappeared in her college town.  Lila is definitely concerned with what is going on as she was the last to see her husband’s body and now it’s gone…

Liza Rodman, Jennifer Jordan (March 2021)

Part True Crime, Part Psychological Thriller. The author, Liza, recounts her childhood of being babysat by the notorious serial killer, Tony Costa. She did not put the serial killer from the news reports together with her friendly handyman babysitter until many years later. I am terrified and excited to read her memoir.


Emily Henry (May 2021)

Beach Reads” was easily my favorite romance for 2020 and I am thrilled that Emily Henry has a new book coming out next year too!

Two best friends, Alex and Poppy, haven’t spoken since their terrible annual vacation two years ago. Poppy convinces Alex to go on one more vacation; will they have time to repair their relationship?

Casey McQuiston (June 2021)

A lesbian romantic comedy by the author of “Red, White, Royal Blue“, is exactly what I need to read! A witty comedy about 23-year-old August who discovers her subway crush is displaced in time from the 1970s. Only 7 months to wait!

Dahlia Adler (May 2021)

Young adult romance with bi high schooler, Lara, who finally has gained the attention of the hot football star she’s crushed on for 3 years, but she can’t let go of her  memories of the girl from last summer. Things get interesting when her summer fling walks through the school doors…


Mackensie Lee (April 2021)

The third book in the Series of the Montague Siblings. If you haven’t read the first two, “The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue”, and “The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Privacy“, you absolutely need to!

Elon Gree (March 2021)

“A True Story of Love, Lust, and Murder in Queer New York”

True Crime in Queer New York, Yes please!! The true story of the Last Call Killer who preyed on gay men in New York in the 80s-90s.

Jen Silverman (March 2021)

A young female playwright runs away from a scandal in New York to LA to film an all-girls’ version of Fight Club and is drawn into her film subjects. Female Fight Club?! I’m in!

SciFi/ Fantasy

Martha Wells (April 2021)

Our favorite moody robot with a hacked governor chip returns for another adventure. Will he be forced to interact with humans again? A standalone novel or start with the first novella in the series, All System’s Red.

Ciannon Smart (April 2021)

A Jamaican inspired fantasy featuring two enemy witches joining together for revenge? Um… Yes Please!

Sarah J. Maas (Feb 2021)

Author of the crazy popular “Throne of Glass” and “A Court of Thorns and Roses” (ACOTOR) series, we revisit the world of ACOTOR.  Nesta is the sister of Feyre who was forced to become a High Fae against her will.  The only person who ignites her temper more is Cassian, the warrior of Rhys and Feyre’s Night Court; but her temper isn’t the only thing he ignites… Highly recommend starting with the first book in the series!

Melissa Albert (Jan 2021)

12 beautiful, sinister fairy tales with gorgeous illustrations. Just think of the photo ops?!

Namina Forna (Feb 2021)

A West African, feminist fantasy novel debut by Namina Forna.  16-year-old Deka is given the choice to stay in her village to face a fate worse than death or travel to the capital to join an all-women elite army. What else more could you want from a Young Adult Fantasy?

Urban Fantasy

Ilona Andrews (Jan 2021)

OMG, this book started as a serial on Ilona Andrews’ website and is now turning into a full-on novel! Revisit the world of Kate Daniels as the prodigal child, Julie, is finally back in Atlanta. Is there finally going to be a romance between Julie and Derek?!?

Currently, just available for preorder on the author’s website.

Patricia Briggs (Mar 2021)

Unpopular Opinion, I may actually love The Alpha & Omega series more than Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson Series… And I am ridiculous excited there is a new book featuring my favorite Omega Wolf, Anna!  If you haven’t started this series, I recommend starting at “Cry Wolf”.

I know that you are quivering in anticipation for these fantastic reads; luckily, you can create your To Be Read (TBR) right now and set up your preorders on BookShop.com!   

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